To change the number of steps in Train the Robots

  • 23 January 2020
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Go to C:KryonConsoleWebConsoleXassetsdata and open edit the value of the padding key

"userRecordings": {

"isDownloadUserSessionEnabled": true,

"train": {

"isTrainRobot": true,

"padding": 50}


4 replies

Dont forget to clear the chrome cache afterwards.


But what is this parameter responsible for and why might it be necessary to change it?

In Train the robots you can see what happens before the start step of the process and after the end step of the process. It can give you context into what the user was doing and an option to fine tune the start and/or end steps of the process. This parameter relates to the number of actions it shows - default is 50 - 50 steps before the start step and 50 steps after the end step.

Ziv Ilan

To add to @Ziv Ilan​  answer - this is a feature of Kryon Process Discovery, Kryon's revolutionary product that helps organizations find automation candidates.

The "train the robot" mechanism helps the business analysis refine the discovery output to match the business goals and targets.