Link Download Kryon Community Free

Hi Everyone.


Could you pls send to me the Link for downloading kryon community Free ?


Thanks you very much!

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Hi @HA Doan​ , you can get Kryon free trial here:


thanks you very much!

Hi Bro.


Sorry i have another question... How to maximize internet ( chrome ) window after open it ??



Hello @HA Doan​ 


Did you try to use the "maximize" button at the right top corner of Chrome and what was the outcome ?


Could you please specify the actions that you are performing in order to get better overview of the situation ?


In case of additional questions or concerns, please let me know.

Best Regards.

Mario M

Hi Bro.


I want to open chrome and then input data on it.


Thanks you!

Hi Bro.


I have used "Set HTML Object Value" and encountered issue as picture.


How to resolve it?


Thanks in advance!


Hi @HA Doan​ ,

HTML advanced commands work on recorded pages. You should record the page you want to interact with using Append recording​. Then you will be able to configure HTML advanced commands

To open chrome (or any browser) with advanced commands, use Run URL advance command​

Hi Bro.


Thanks you but i have encountered issue when use append recording


Thanks you bro.


I known reason and found solution.

Sure @HA Doan​ . By the way, have you had a chance to visit Kryon Academy? Developer certification has a lot of useful examples and demos for you. Check it out.