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  • 3 November 2021
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Hi there


Our environement consists of Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint 2013. 

We recently upgraded Nintex to a newer version: 

Current version installed is 

The database version is


We hadn't updated nintex in a long time, previous version was (July 2014). 


Overall, upgrading went smoothly and nothing broke, except that the workflow preview page has become extremely slow (when it's even working). Up to 2 min to load a single page. Sometime I cannot edit an existing workflow and IE would simply crash or become unresponsive. 


The page is _layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/Preview.aspx?ListId=XX&Running=false&ItemId=XX&WorkflowId=XX&mode=Runtime&InstanceId=XX


The performance issue happens on every workflow, on every web site and every list item.


I have looked at the UPS log but cannot find any errors in particular, I have also ran a SQL profiler in an attempt to identify if the slowness could be coming form there but no luck so far.


I hope someone can give me some suggestions as to where to focus to try and understand where the issue could be coming from ?


2 replies

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Hi @etienneg 


Thank you for your message, I believe this should be something that needs to be investigated by Nintex Support, could you please send a email to and one of the engineers will assist you with this.


Many thanks,



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With the help of the nintex support team I was able to fix the problem.


It turned out this performance issue was related to the people picker settings, which was itself extremely slow because it was incorrectly searching in a decommissioned domain, ending in timeouts etc...


After removing the obsolete domain from the search, the people picker and the workflow preview pages started behaving normally again.