Workflow that compares 2 fields and then sets value of another field

  • 14 February 2022
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I have 3 fields in a document library:  IDValue1, IDValue2 & IDMatch

I want a workflow to lookup both the fields IDValue1 and IDValue2 and compare them.  If they match, I want to then set the field value for IDMatch to be "Yes".  If they do not match, IDMatch gets set to "No".


I tried using a Calculated column using the formula: =EXACT([IDValue1],[IDValue2]), that gives me a Yes or No but I can't seem to use the calculated field in the workflow.  It doesn't look it up.

3 replies

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@Jake could you perhaps have a look at this please?

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hi @jambou 


If you are using a Nintex form for the library then you can use the form to do this and store the boolean in a calculated value, then store that to a list column.


If you are just talking entirely from workflow its actually better if you just use a calculated field on the Sharepoint list with the formula like below then you can use that field in the workflow if you need, you also don't even need a workflow to do the comparison. 









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Just to add if you are still having issues please reach out to me here and I will try set up a call.