Workflow or Form - Is it possible to replace blank fields with N/A?

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   Total newbie here (just got a "crash course" in SharePoint/Nintex a day ago), so I apologize if I misspeak in terms of jargon and syntax.


I'm currently working on a project in trying to design a form that serves as a daily debriefing, with the goal of using the form's selections to populate an e-mail body.


In the form, I have some functions that would 'show' (aka unhide) certain options dependent on the choice.


For example:

Departments: Bakery, One-of-A-Kind-Gelato

Dessert Options: Cake, Croissants, Pies

Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

- If Bakery is selected, then the dessert options would manifest. If Cake option is selected, then the flavors options would appear as well.


Sample E-mails That Would Be Sent

Email #1

Department: Bakery

Dessert Option: Cake

Flavor: Chocolate


Email #2

Department: Gelato

Dessert Option: N/A

Flavor: N/A


- Ideally, I would like to create custom e-mails based on the choice selected (but that isn't feasible). Instead, perhaps an e-mail w/ each column listed, and if the column/option was not filled in/selected on the form, it'd populate with N/A. Is this best done on the workflow level, or the form level? I tried creating multiple branches for the workflow, and attempted to create variables and experiment with regex (replacing blanks w/ N/A), but to no avail. The resulting workflow also looked convoluted with multiple variables...

Thank you for any insight/directions!



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Hello @vities, just add a switch action to the worklfow and check the value of Department Column. 

you should have 2 branch: Bakery & Gelato.

and each branch you add your notification action with the required body

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Hi @vities 

Use variables.

Set the value of the variables and use the variables in the Email



If (Dessert Value == "Cake" )

    Set var txt_cake = "Cake"


    Set var txt_cake = "-N/A-"


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Then create a single Email and use the variables.



Department: {Variable:txt_Bakery}

Dessert Option: {Variable:txt_Cake}

Flavor: {Variable:@txt_Flavor}


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Thank you guys for taking the time to respond! I wish there was a way to accept both solutions!

I actually ended up using a medley of both @DimaHijazi 's switch solution for workflow and @Garrett variable designation.


I originally had the N/A set up as a reg expression:


Thank you guys once again 🙂