Validation (OR) statement not working

  • 13 July 2023
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In SP2016, I have a Nintex form. In the form, I want to do a validation.  

This is how my validation looks like,

((lessThan(Calc Annual Energy Usage - No VFD, 200000)) && (equals(VFDIncluded, false)))|| ((lessThan(Calc Annual Energy Usage - VHD, 200000)) && (equals(VFDIncluded, True)))||((lessThan(AnnualEnergyUsage (watts), 200000)) && (equals(calc EnergyUsage, "watts/kw")))

However, my first condition is failing. 

How do I make all validation work. As you can see, I am using 3 OR statements. I want the Submit button to show up when the value is greater than 200000 for any one of the control. 

Any help would be appreciated.





Mayank Shyam

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