Update Previous Logged Access Records

  • 10 March 2022
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Good day,


I trust you well, I was requested to build an  Access Request Workflow for Users to Request for Access to Power BI Apps (Five Power BI Apps), So the below are the requirements

1. Keep previous Access Request (Declined or Approved) 

2. Two Approvers The BI Manager and the Popia Approver

3. Deactivate (But keep previous records) Meaning a User can have only one Active Access request, If a user decides to add another app on top of the ones they previously requested for they will have to submit a new Access Request and the old one will be deactivated and activate the new if the Approver approved the new request and keep the deactivated record.


So I am having an issue. for the user to know where is their Workflow after submission I added "Where is my workflow" Choice field, and for they to see is is Active or not I added "IsActive" Yes or No Field, I used a "Update Multiple Items" to filter and Update Multiple Records. Was Able to successfuly Update "IsActive" But the problem comes where I need to pull the choice values to the Update Multiple Items under "WhereIsMyWorkflow" The values dont appear at all, Please assist what is the solution for this?



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@Jake  would you please have a look here?