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  • 9 March 2021
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I have multiple lists with approximately 500-1000 items each. For each item, there is a title field and a hyperlink field. Unfortunately, the creators of the list only filled out the URL portion of the field, and not the description. I would like to create a workflow to automate filling out the hyperlink fields. The issue I have is anytime I use a workflow variable, it loads the string into just the URL portion. 


As it stands now, here is what I have tried:


Query list. For each item, do the following:

Query for title, set to single line of text (s_title) and query for hyperlink, set to single line of text (s_url).

Build string (s_urlString) as s_title, s_url. 

Update hyperlink field to s_urlString.


If I type a string into the update item action (ie ", test") it works fine. The word "test" shows and links to yahoo. Anytime I use any variable or other reference, it does not work, and instead the hyperlink shows as ", test" with both strings in the URL portion of the hyperlink field. 


Open to any suggestions. 


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I think you need to use the {TextStart}, {TextEnd} wrappers.  Because you have special characters in your URL, you need to wrap it in the {TextStart} {TextEnd} qualifiers, so the application knows to treat it as text.

Try something like this, it worked for me. 

{TextStart}{WorkflowVariable:txt_URL}{TextEnd}, {TextStart}{WorkflowVariable:txt_Title}{TextEnd}

The {TextStart}{TextEnd} qualifiers weren't really required for my hyperlink text, but in case you have special characters in your titles, you might want to include them.

That did the trick! Thank you so much!