Site Workflow Inventory Page becomes Blank After Workflow Upgrade and Site Collection Restore

  • 21 October 2016
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SharePoint Version: 2013

Nintex Workflow Version: 3.1.8

We recently upgraded our DEV environment to Nintex Workflow v3.1.8.  To test out the upgrade, we restored a site collection from PROD to DEV.  Our PROD is in v3.1.7.10. When we tried to look at the list of workflows (Site Settings > Nintex Workflows 2013 > Manage Workflow Inventory), the page was blank.  The workflows are still there, we were able to run them.  However, we cannot open them up for editing. 

Upon closer inspection of the URL, it is pointing to: "sharepointsite/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/WorkflowGallery.aspx?NeedUpgrade=false".  I tried remove "NeedUpgrade=false", but it always comes back.  When I tried to open the workflow inventory on a site that was already in the DEV environment before the upgrade, I was able to see them.  Looking at the URL, it points to "sharepointsite/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/WorkflowGallery.aspx".  The issue only occurs on site collections that were restored after the upgrade.  Can someone help us on this issue?

3 replies



any solution for this issue, we are facing it aswell. The only difference is, that we did not do any upgrade, restore or other administrative activity.



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Hi I am also facing the same issue, is your problem resolved?