Site Workflow for checks and notification - does this look right?

  • 8 March 2021
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I've tried to put together a site workflow that will make checks every day against a date field, and

send out notifications if the check passes.  Here's what I've got - does this look right to you?















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Do you expect to identify more than one item in your query list action?  You will only be able to capture one item in an ID variable.  With a site workflow to capture all items that fit a specific criteria, you should use a collection variable that includes only the ID, then use a for each loop to loop through the resulting recordset and action each item.

You can include the conditions you have in your Set a condition action, in the Query list action and retrieve only those items you need to action.

See this example. Hope this helps:

Then configure all the actions you want to take on each item in a For Each set