Sharepoint Client Authentication

  • 12 February 2022
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I'm developing a web application that uses Office 365 authentication.

I need to access users' SharePoint files. The app is a Multi-Tenant application, it means that I don't know the Sharepoint URL, but I can use Microsoft Discover API to discover the Sharepoint URL of the current user.

I want to acess sharepoint files using the Microsoft.Sharepoint. Client library. Consider the following code:

ClientContext context = new ClientContext("");

// The SharePoint web at the URL.
Web web = context.Web;

// We want to retrieve the web's properties.

I get a 403 not authorized because the client object doesn't have the credentials. The problem is that I can't set credentials during runtime because I don't have it, the only thing that I have is the Bearer token, which allows the connection to the Sharepoint API, using an HTTP header authorization.

Is there any way to set the Bearer token in the Sharepoint client to call Sharepoint Web Services?



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