Setting a Hyperlink Field Broken?

  • 15 December 2020
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My organization has recently migrated to SharePoint 2019, and since then the hyperlink fields seem broken. I've searched the forum, and this is the thread I've come up with. These instructions don't work any more. Anyone else having this issue?


Conventional wisdom say that the URL field is populated as such:


URL, Display Text


This is no working, and it's driving me crazy! HELP!




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I was just editing a workflow that was migrated from 2013 to 2019.  


In 2013, setting the Hyperlink field to the [URL, Description] works.  Now that I have edited the workflow action in 2019, it is not separating the description and putting the whole string into the URL and description.

Wish I knew if it changed and if so, how to set it now.