Saving edits made to task form while completing task through JavaScript

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I have a list workflow that creates a workflow task (in a task list) for a role. However, the users want to be able to complete multiple tasks at once, so I made a JavaScript button (on a page) that sets the tasks status to completed.


A workflow in list A creates tasks in task list B. Task form fields are connected to the columns in list A, but when the tasks' status are set to complete using the JavaScript button, any modifications saved to the task form using the save button in the form view are lost.


Is there any way I can mass complete tasks while saving the modifications made to the task?


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If I understand correctly, you wanna use a button (somewhere) that when clicked, sets all of the statuses of a bunch of Tasks to "Completed" at once.


There is no way then to also "submit" those Tasks (or Task Forms) in the event that they are open (currently or in the future), or are not *really* completed.


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Yes, I do want to be able to set the status of a bunch of tasks to "completed" at once. Once submitted, those tasks do not need to be open / edited again.

The current issue is that if those tasks were previously opened and edited then saved, this method of setting the status to complete does not carry those changes back to the list item.