Rich Text Rolling Count

  • 10 November 2021
  • 3 replies


I am using a rich text editor field within a repeating section. Is it possible to get this repeating section to autopopulate a rolling count of repeating section? 

For example:


1st rich text - Job 1

2nd rich text - Job 2 

3rd rich text - Job 3

and so on...


Any ideas?

3 replies


You can do the following:
-Inside the repeating section add a calculated column and use the formula currentRownumber(richtext).





Thanks for your response. I have created a calculated value within the repeating section, wrote currentRowNumber(richtext) but don't get the 5 Whys pop up.

I have also tried writing currentRowNumber(Why 1) and still nothing.

Any ideas?
@country101 Why1 should be the name of your rich text control inside the repeating section.