Repeating Field - Extract field value of Deleting Row.

Howdy folks,

Has anyone ever tried to extract a field value from a Repeating Section Row that is being deleted using JavaScript?

The logic is: the delete event needs to trigger a recalculation of a (not in repeater) text field. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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@Jake could you please help out here?

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Hi Joe,


I think I would need to see an example of this first hand to be able to advise in detail, even then I would be limited in how much I could help, there are a lot of variables at play, specially when using javascript, I would advise that the solution would also include javascript, Before the delete function, you can store the data elsewhere using another function that makes a POST request to perhaps another list, before executing the delete function.


Feel free to add me on linkedin if you want to follow up in detail.