Print Nintex Form as PDF by Custom Action or DocGen

  • 30 March 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi Everyone,


I am working on the Nintex Workflow and Forms. We had built a workflow which has several approval forms would be created.


We know Nintex Enterprise has the 'Print to PDF' button, however, we would need to transform or print or generate the final Nintex Workflow forms to PDF and save to specified SharePoint Document Library. 


We did some research on it and there is a 3rd party tool can perform the exact function. But we want to using OOTB like DocGen to complete this action. May I know someone has the similar experience to implement the same function? Thank you. 

1 reply

I've used the Convert Document action.

First, I created a Word document template and saved it to SiteAssets. In the workflow, I used the Update Document action to use the template, populate data into the fields within the document, and then save it to another library.

After the new Word document was created, I used the Convert Document action to convert the Word file into a PDF, and then I used the workflow to delete the Word file.