Populate separate list using fields in nintex form

  • 2 November 2021
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I have a nintex form where I have a dropdown list connected to a list of purchasing agents.  If the user doesn't see the agent in the dropdown they can add the name to the form using the people picker (which auto populates Title, First Name, Last Name and Email) to other fields.  I would like to be able to take those auto populated fields and have them add the person the purchasing agents listing so that next time that person will show up on the dropdown in the nintex form.  


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Was going through a backlog of things that haven't been answered, and this one crossed my sight. 


Do you still need help with this? If so, could you tell me a little bit more about the Purchasing Agents List? Does it contain columns for each bit of that info that People Picker creates (Title, First Name, Last Name, Email)?

Also judging by your screenshot you're using Responsive Forms correct? 

If I can get a good example of how the List looks that this info will go into I can work up a good example of how you can do this. Hope to hear back soon! 

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Thank you Megajerk for checking on this. I ended up going another route and I no longer need help with this.
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alrighty! Well feel free to mark your last comment as the solution to this problem, and if you ever wanna circle back around to it, feel free to drop me a message.