Open Dialog Form from Form button

  • 13 January 2021
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I’m trying to open a List B Form (new item ) in dialog mode from a JavaScript button while creating a new item in List A. E.g. if user can not find Employee name on form drop down list A , it can add it to the employee list by clicking that button, close it and continue form in List A.

However below code is not working. Keeps reopening the same list A form.Any help on how to accomplish this is appreciated.

function fnCreateinItemListB()


var parentId = NWF$('#'+currentId).val();

var options = {

title: "My Dialog Title",

url: 'http://sites/Lists/LisB/NewForm.aspx? };




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2 replies

I solved this issue, I’m able to open a new item Form from within another  form, save it and refresh the parent form upon closing it.

Do you mind to post the code used to allow you to open the new form.