Nintex Workflow Overwrote Version 1.0

  • 28 February 2022
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Hallo Everybody,

I have a complex Site with different workflows and embeded java scribt. One of my users saved a new form with correct data (Version 1.0), the Workflow should have sent an e-mail, when field send e-mail is yes. But the e-mail didn't go out, so I checked, and now there is a new version (Version 2.0) with field send e-mail is "no". So the Workflow in my opinion worked correct, but the user said, she didn't save the form again. In the Workflow is no funktion that overrides the field. I could't replicate the mistake, because when I save the form again, there is not a complete new version.  I also checked the java script, there is also no funktion that fills this field automatically. Any ideas?

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