Nintex workflow On-Premise - list of Web services interfaces

  • 29 May 2023
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Good morning.

We are busy migrating into SAP Hana.


Is there are table or a query that we can run to get a list of all Web services connection that are used in Nintex forms or Workflows, in a format close to:

services connection, Connection details, Nintex Form Name, Nintex Workflow Name, 


Over the years we have close to 600 workflows that a running.

To allow for a smooth migration we need the list of all the interfaces, and change them to point into the new environment.


Thanks for the help.




4 replies

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The best I could find is a script that will tell you which workflows have a call web service action in them. It will return the workflow name and where the workflow is located. As Nintex forms are files and live on the lists they were created for I am not aware of way to find out which ones have the web request control.


To be run on the Nintex Content Database(s) 


Select Distinct I.WorkflowName, P.CurrentActivityTitle, I.ListID, I.SiteID, I.WebID 
From dbo.WorkflowProgress P 
inner Join dbo.WorkflowInstance I 
ON P.InstanceID = I.InstanceID 
Where P.CurrentActivityTitle Like 'Call Web Service'

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Hi @Mody Did this help you resolve your question?

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Hello Milla, I am getting something, :), with site ID and list ID… 

I have created a view to retrieve same info from all Content DBs of each site collection. 

The hit seems a bit low though.

I will run few checks and revert back.





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Hi @Mody 
Have you managed to resolve this?