Nintex Workflow - End Approval on First Rejection

  • 14 March 2022
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In standard Sharepoint Approval workflow there is option:

"End on First Rejection - Automatically reject the document if it is rejected by any participant"

How can i achieve the same effect in Nintex Workflow 2010 for action "Request approval"?

2 replies

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Good day, @FranCruzarianic -

For that action, I would use the following configuration option (from Nintex Help

  • All must approve: Each user in the Approvers list must approve the item for it to qualify as approved. If one of the users denies or rejects the item, the item will be considered denied or rejected.


Using the "all must approve" option with the approval options of the Request Approval workflow task. Being that the workflow demands all approvers to approve an item before it is considered "approved" (still with me?), it will end on the first rejection, as there is no way that that item can then be considered approved. Thus, even if there are respondents outstanding, it will end with a rejection.