Nintex Workflow behaviour after license expiration

  • 12 April 2022
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We are using SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Enterprise license is added on that. Nintex License is going to expire in next few days. Kindly let me know how my SharePoint site will be impacted if we don't get license renewed?

Also, please let us know for below doubts:
1. Will Nintex workflow history will remain as it is or data related to workflows will be deleted. If history will be deleted, is there any way we can restore that
2. will we be able to run workflows
3. If we click on Start workflow option, will we get any error

4 replies

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see Best Practices article What happens when my on-premise license expires for workflow and forms? 

Thank you for sharing details. Details about workflow history is not very much clear from the link you shared. Can you please let me know if i'll be able to access workflow history or it will be deleted after expiration.

Can you also help me understand what kind of license we have. Is this perpetual license or subscription based license?

A large amount of data in the Nintex content database tables could likely cause SQL Server timeout errors. So, Analyze Nintex content database table sizes. Here is how to do it in SQL Server 2008 and above.

  1. Open SQL Management Studio >> Expand the Database node

  2. Find the Nintex Workflow database (usually named NW2007DB or NW2010DB)

  3. Right-click on the Nintex Workflow database and select Reports > Standard Reports > Disk Usage by Table