Nintex Forms - First Value of Lookup as Default Value with Condition

  • 14 January 2022
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Hey Guys


I'm trying to set the default Value of my Nintex form Lookup Control to the first available value.
I'm using a URL Parameter to filter the lookup control, so there is always only 1 available value.

Like that: https://SITEURL/_layouts/15/NintexForms/Modern/NewForm.aspx?List=97e2b282-83ec-4a31-8eca-76993f1240b6&PartnerID=46

So my goal would be, if PartnerID from the QueryString is not empty, use the first Value as Default Value.

Is this possible? I'm really bad in Javascripts so have no idea. 🙂


This example I found is not working for me:

NWF$(document).ready(function() {
var defaultPartner = NWF$("#" + lookupPartner).val();
if (defaultPartner == '0') {
NWF$("#" + lookupPartner).val('1');
} );


I set lookupPartner as Client ID variable of the lookup Control.


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