Nintex Form spacing issue with rule validation

I have a Nintex form where I have a validation rule set when Was the Issue Fixed != Yes, the Estimated Date of Fix field is available (also available on default).  When the User selects Yes, the Date issue is fixed field is displaying accurately; however, when the user goes back to select No, the Estimated Date of Fix field is overlapping with another field.  How can I prevent this from happening?

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hey @KristyV ,


this happens sometimes when u try to hide one textfield (datefield etc) next to another which u will also hide.


I think u can fix it by changing the positions (so that the fields u hide are next to a field which is visible the whole time).


@Aleximo Thank you for that.  I did switch the fields and now the Was the Issue Fixed? is overlapping with the Date Issue was fixed when Yes is selected.  I do have each of the fields set to No for re-size at run-time.

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@KristyV ,


make sure that the borders dont lap over each other.


I tried it myself and it works fine:






if its still not working maybe u could do a screenshot of ur workspace form like I did at the beginning. that could help identifiying the problem.