Need to import data from excel to SharePoint 2019

  • 7 January 2022
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HI all,

 I have requirement to import data from excel to SharePoint list on daily basis using Nintex. Is it still possible to use Nintex excel service action in SharePoint 2019 as excel service are deprecated in SP 2016. Please suggest. When I tried I am getting error as below. 



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Using Query Excel Services, I do not believe so. I have done it in a more roundabout fashion by:
- Saving the file as a CSV
- Use Web request action to get the file and store content as multiline text variable
- Use Regular Expression action to split the text into a collection of rows (splitting on pattern
- Use a For Each action to loop through the rows and
- Use a regular expression action to split on the comma to create a collection of row contents (each item in collection being a column)
- Use collection action "Pop" to pop the last column value to a variable to be used to create a list item
- Use Create Item action to use the variables you created by the pop action.