Lookup Field not populating all items from SharePoint list

  • 20 December 2021
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I am using a lookup field to pull in "Client ID" from a separate SharePoint list. I noticed that not all of the "Client ID" values stored in that list are populating in the dropdown. 


Any ideas why the full list won't display? There are only 711 items in the list the field is connected to. 






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2 replies

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Are you sure the view you are using is not filtered? That would be the only thing that I can think of. I only use the new responsive forms, and have not had any troubling loading 25,000 items.

There is a few-second delay loading that many items, but the users have been trained to expect that if they need lookups with that many items. And once they understand they can start typing a value in the drop-down to filter the choices, they've been satisfied with the performance.
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So it was an issue with the source view. I appreciate your help! Sorry for the delayed response.