Line Breaks are gone after adding text to Multi Line

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Hi everybody,


I have a Multi Line Column with:






To this Multiline Column I'd like to add a new row ("D").

I do this with "build string".

It work's great, BUT the "old" Line Breaks (between A / B and C) are gone and the result is:




Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



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@Kronwied ....what's the syntax in build string to append the value? 


  • In build string:

    1. Add your MLT column from Item property tab

    2. Add new line from common tab. You can also use line break HTML tag but make sure your MLT is not set for plain text, it should be atleast rich text

    3. Add your variable/value i.e. C 

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thank you for the answer. Currently it looks like this:


The Variable "Titel_Änderung_laufend" is the current value of the MLT column. I then add the break and the "new" value.

Problem is that the Line breaks in the Variable "Titel_Änderung_laufend" (so the old value) disapears after this task.


See screenshots attached before/after:



Hope I could explain it right :)







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@kunalpatel Do you see any error in here? Thank you!

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@Kronwied .....Your screenshot is little confusing for me due to language barrier.....but may I know what type of MLT list column you're having? Is it plain text, rich text or enhanced rich text?

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@kunalpatel Enhanced rich text...

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@kunalpatel Can it be that the task "string" deletes every Line Break?


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@Kronwied ....I've tested on my end where I'm storing something in my workflow variable and appending it to my MLT column and it's working for me without any issue. I cannot re-create your issue !!!

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@kunalpatel Thanks for the answer...!

Maybe I have another important info:

I'm creating the line breaks with "<br/>"

Maybe those are deleted with my string-task?

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@Kronwied ...did you try using "new line" option under Common tab?

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@kunalpatel Yes.... but unfortunately that's not working for the MLT column. That's because I'm using the "<br/>" -> that's working fine. (To create the multi lines in the first place)


But the I take the existing value and try to attach another line (as seen in the screenshot) and after that my original line breaks are gone...

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@Kronwied....what if you save existing field value in a variable and then use both variables in build string ?

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I am a little late to the game. but in a recent post I made I am using HTML in rich text fields with variables. I was able to maintain the HTML. take a look at the post and let me know if you have any questions.