Hyperlink or Picture field - nintex form - open user pasted link into new window

  • 13 April 2022
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I am using Nintex forms. I have a Hyperlink or Picture column in this form. When a user pastes a link into the form field, I would like this link to open in a new window if someone else were to come in and review the submitted form. For example, Mike submitted a task item. I open the task item to view it. The task item contains the link that Mike pasted into the Hyperlink or Picture column. I want to be able to click Mike's link and open in new window. I understand that using the label field in the form can be set to open a specific link but this does not work for me being that each task item will have a different link pasted by users.

1 reply

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Hi @EyeAmMugz,


A quick solution is to use a calculated field with the formula to generate the HTML link and add the attribute target='_blank' as shown below :


There's the hyperlink Reference control that is visible only on New and Edit mode and the calculated Reference control visible and calculated on display mode only.


If you need to have the label, you can use the web request control or use classic form.


Hope that helps. ^^