How to use "Update Document" to set/unset Checkbox Content control

  • 15 June 2023
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I’ve searched high and low on here and Google, with no joy.

I have a Word document that I use a workflow to update text boxes (Content Controls) from data in a list item.

I have a requirement to set / unset Checkboxes but I am struggling to do this. I have tried setting “Value” to “X” and also tried “Checked” but both set the box to the literal value.

Does anyone know the correct method to set of unset a Checkbox Content Control?

Many thanks.


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4 replies

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Hi @Tim_O 


Sadly Word API does not provide a means of programatically changing an existing check box however, we can place either a checked or a non checked box where needed. 


see below the article explaining how to set up conditional parts to do this.

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Thanks @Jake.  I am using a Word Document with Content Controls, so I assume I will have to add the data that the condition is run on, as a hidden field which is then interrogated by my check box fields?

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Hi @Tim_O 

you would add the formula field to the word document that evaluates the tag for the true false result you need, if true then a checked box is provided, if not then an empty box is presented. 

the instructions for this are half way down the article provided. 

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Thanks @Jake.  I wondered if there was something simple I was missing but now see I need to add a hidden field that I will set to a value and another field that is calculated, as described in the linked article, from that value.  It’s clumsy but it will work.