How to update the running workflow to the latest version on multiple items.

  • 19 February 2021
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I am making updates to an active workflow as the team finds more efficient setups/requests changes. I have been manually assigning each job to the latest workflow every time I update the workflow to accommodate the latest request. We have over 100 active jobs (and growing), so the manual changing of each job to the latest version of the workflow is a lengthy task to say the least. My question - Is there a way to update multiple/all jobs from previous workflows to the latest version of the workflow?


I am a novice at SharePoint and Nintex so I am hoping I am missing something that would make these transfers to the most updated workflow easier to transfer for all active jobs. All advice is greatly appreciated. 

The screenshots below show the steps I am currently making to update one job at a time to the latest workflow. 





I click on "Advanced", then "Workflows" in the "more ..." circled above.



I then click on the checkbox next to the Workflow



I then update the date to today's date and re-run the workflow by clicking start to put this job on the latest workflow version.

2 replies

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It isn't possible to just replace a running workflow. However there are a few options you could use to make the process quicker.


Firstly, why do you have a date picker on the start form if you just enter the current date. Within the workflow designer, you can set a date variable to the current date of the workflow running:

This should reduce the need for you to keep entering it each type. Then, continue with the following:

1. Create a new column called 'TriggerWF' - single line of text should be fine

2. Create a new list workflow, configure the starting conditions to start conditionally on item modification for when a 1 is added to the 'TriggerWF' column:

3. Add the following actions to your workflow designer:

The first will terminate the other workflows running on your list, then you can set the second to start the same workflow again.


Finally, once you've updated and published your main workflow, add the column to your list view, edit it using quick edit mode and enter a 1 into the 'TriggerWF' column and drag it down like excel. It will then start this workflow for each one.

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