How do I set a workflow to run once when start is set to when items are updated

  • 9 November 2021
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I'm not sure how to start this question.  I have a list workflow that creates an updated contact list in csv format and emails it.  The work flow is set to run each time an item is updated.  Recently several contacts in the list needed to be updated.  Each time a contact was edited a .csv file was emailed.  So in a span of 5 minutes there were about 10 .csv files of the contact list sent.  


What I'd like to do is give the user a choice of when to run the work flow, by popping up a message after they hit submit/save.  But am open to anything that will allow them to only run the work flow when they are done with their edits, not after each edit.  





2 replies

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@seanobryant65 I would have a save button and a save and email list report button. This way users can save changes and then on their last edit email the csv report.

For this approach you would configure the save button to save and close and the econd button save and email list report connect it to a number colum (column name Submit default value 0) then configure button to return value of 1 and start your workflow when Submit equals 1.

Remember on your workflow to set Submit back to 0 everytime the workflow runs.


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Thank you, that works sort of... 🙂  I am able to control when the CSV is sent out, however it will only send the edited record in the report.  I need to be able to send the entire contact list each time someone requests it.  

I put two save and submit buttons on the form.  One is "Save Only" and one is "Email Updated List".  When they click on "Email..." I need to the workflow to send the .csv with all the records in the list.


Make sense?