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  • 9 February 2022
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Hi there,


this should be a simple task but somehow I have problems.

Due to a lookup to a people picker field (multiple persons possible) on a form, I receive the following (back):

[37;#Lucas, Philipp (EXT),86;#Weiss, Michael (EXT),87;#Weiss, Michael (EXT)]


I need those people as recipients of a flexi task.

So, how do I get

THIS: Lucas, Philipp (EXT);Weiss, Michael (EXT);Weiss, Michael (EXT)

OUT OF THIS: [37;#Lucas, Philipp (EXT),86;#Weiss, Michael (EXT),87;#Weiss, Michael (EXT)]


PS: I am clueless concerning RegEx - I tried but my brain cannot. 


Please help.






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3 replies

Hi Mai-kel,

you need to do it in two steps, first extract the strings based on hashtag:

then get rid of extra comma (note: unfortunately, comma is in your case both delimiter and part of the sub-string you want to extract)


Hope it helps 🙂

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I did it by myself in the meantime, I need four steps (better to process for my little brain. 🙂

ersetzen = replace





Hope this helps.




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