File attachments intermittantly don't upload to the sharepoint record

  • 30 May 2023
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I have a Nintex form, it contains a File Upload widget. Intermittantly it will fail to upload some documents. No error message. The file upload widget is required, you cannot submit the form without a file ‘attached’. The form will submit, however as mentioned, the file will not attach to the Sharepoint record.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

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2 replies

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Hi @Dave_3049,


This is certainly outside of expected behaviour, the following may help to locate the source of the issue.

Most importantly we need to find a consistent means of replicating the issue, Intermittent issues are the worst but they just mean we don’t know the root cause yet or there are network issues at play.


  • Is there a pattern to the size/number/naming/type of files uploaded that cause an issue.
    • check known bad items and investigate what was uploaded and see if there is a pattern.
  • Is there a common browser/version of browser for the uploads.
    • Some browsers can have issues with JavaScript on upload that the form is not instructed to handle, in this case errors should appear in the console.
  • Is there a common location of bad uploads that effects users? 
    • For example, users on VPN or certain offices have the issue both others do not.
  • Is this issue effecting all forms on all lists? 
    • It is important to determine if perhaps this is a list/form issue so testing on another list/form will help.
    • If you have DEV/UAT environments to test this will be a great place to start.


Ultimately if you run through these steps and are not able to identify the root cause I would reach out to our support team. 



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Hi @Dave_3049 
Have you managed to resolve your question?