Display Repeating Section in List View using Nintex Form 2016

  • 3 March 2021
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I'm new to the Nintex world. I've just approached to Nintex Form and Workflow 2016. In this forum i have seen lots of information regarding my problem and i tried to set up my solution but i've come to a dead point and i need some help.

My solution is the following:

  1. First of all i created the form. I named the Repeating Section as "Repeat Section ins". I created a new column "RepeatedSectionMLT" as multi-line text and configure it as plain text. Then i connected the Repeating Section to the new column just created.Problem: i want to show in the list view on Sharepoint only the list of product inserted into the Repeating Section.

  2. After that i tried to put some information into the form to see what happens, but the result was the following: 

  3. So i passed to Nintex Workflow 2016 and entered the command "Query XML". Then i copied and pasted the XML code in the XML section and used the XPath generator to extract the information that i want to show in the list view (Product only). Then i created the variable varRpSec as multi-line text to archive Output 1.

  4. After that i clicked "Run now" and the result in Output 1 was exactly what i want to show in the list view.

  5. Now....I don't know how to link the Workflow variable "varRpSec" with the Form column "RepeatedSectionMLT" so that i can show in the list view the Output 1. 



Please help me! Thanks for the support. 


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What you'll need to do is take that RepeatingSectionMLT xml and parse it using XSLT, converting it into some HTML. You should then be able to just push that into a Multiline Text (with Rich Text / HTML enabled) column, and have it render as a table. 

See this thread for some of the ins and outs of parsing XML with XSLT