Display data from repeating section without creating new a new list ID for each addition

  • 28 September 2022
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My nintex form has a repeating section with these fields: date/time, location, comments. When viewing the form, the repeating section works fine and the data is displayed for all items; however, it does not appear on the sharepoint list. 


I added a query XML for the 3 collections (date/time, location, comments); however, I do not want to create a new sharepoint item/ID for each additional item - is there a way to capture the data on the sharepoint list - even if it means concatenate the repeating section onto a new column e.g.,

 date/time1, location1, comments1; date/time2, location2, comments2; etc without adding a new list item for each addition?


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3 replies

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Hi @isabellamai 


Here is one possible idea

- In the RS (Repeating Section), Concatenate all the 3 field values into a new Calculated Value control "Row".

- The basic formulate is ->  [Date] + [Location] + [Comments]

- You can add some spacing -> " | " or " - "


- Outside the RS, add a new Calculated Value control "FINAL". Save this into the SP List

- Final formulate is ->  [Row]

- You need to replace the comma "," as this is to separate each row


Here is the result preview. 


Further reading - Creating a HTML Table from RS without any XML Query 

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Thank you Garrett. I have not attempted the below recommendation.

Do you know why when editing the repeating section after initial submission (meaning more items are added in that repeating section), the original data on the repeating section is no longer there e.g., I would have 4 items listed, and only the last item appears when I go into the form to edit it.

Is this a normal behavior considering I had not created a new ID/item on the list for each additional item?

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Hi @isabellamai 


First of all, we are talking about a specific item in the List (eg ID=8)

Initial Submit - 4 items. Re-open form and only 1 item (last item) is displayed. First 3 items is missing.

1. Can you check the List Item - version history? Was there any updates to the RS field

2. Can you check the RS column value? Copy the value and paste into notepad. You will need to use an online XML formatter to format the content into something readable?
IS all the 4 values there or is it just 1 value?

3. Is there any processing to the RS by the workflow?


Not, it is not normal behavior.

- Create a new List. (no need to even add columns, just Title is enough)

- Create a Form with RS. Publish the Form. (No need for workflow either)

- Add new item using Form. Add 2 RS rows. Submit.

- Reopen for Edit. the previous values should be there. Add 2 more rows. Submit

You should be able to add/remove and Submit. The previous rows should be there