Calculated Field on Nintex Form works from some users but not all

  • 28 December 2021
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I have a Nintex Form for a teamsite (A bit out dated but we haven't moved to Sharepoint fully yet) that has calculated fields that work just fine for me and most of my team. However 3-4 of my team members do not show it functioning as intended.


The Code withing the calculated field is the following:


 if(formatDate(lookup("EO MOD","ID", Max(lookup("EO MOD", "Report Received By", RecievedBy, "ID",true)), "Issue Report Date"),"M/dd/yyyy")==formatDate(Current Date,"M/dd/yyyy"),"Mod Ticket: " + Max(lookup("EO MOD", "Report Received By",RecievedBy, "ID",true)) + ", for " + parseLookup(lookup("EO MOD","ID",Max(lookup("EO MOD", "Report Received By",RecievedBy, "ID",true)),"Employee Name")), "No tickets submitted today")


Or more concisely


If('Date of most recent Ticket submitted by this User' == 'Current Date', "Mod Ticket:" + 'ID of most recent ticket' + " for " + 'Name of person ticket submitted for', "No ticket submitted today")


A simple if else function in the end.


Works just fine and for most of us, before our first ticket of the day, we get


Last Submited Today: No tickets submitted today
and after our first ticket we get something like:
Last Submited Today: Mod Ticket: 37772, for Watson, Kyl
but some users only ever get the "before your first ticket" label of "No tickets submitted today"
Now here is the weird part. Everyone has the same access and is working on the same Chrome version. If I put in their name in the current user person field, It will show me their last ticket as intended, but if the user who is having problems puts in a working user's name it still doesn't work.
This leads me to believe that is has nothing to do with the code and everything to do with the user in some way, but I have no idea what it could be.
Any direction or advice would be appreciated for this issue. If you need any more information, I will respond as soon as possible.
We are working on the same Windows 10 environment via Citrix VDI  

1 reply

An update. I have found that for some reason, the users with issues all report dates one day prior to what was actually saved. The tickets are entering todays date as the reported date but the sharepoint is saving them as the day prior. This only happens with these users. I have confirmed they are showing today's date in the field but when saved it is listed as yesterday. If they put in tomorrow, it will save as today.


The issue is not with the code, it is with the date saving. I still have no Idea what is causing this, but the problem is both more isolated and different than the original post.