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  • 9 March 2022
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Again.. to new to get it.., I want to pickup a value based on a rule using the claculated value. UI want to pickup what user changed a dropdown value to "Complete". I started like this. But of course its not working 🙂 I'm looking at it but.. anyone give me a hint please 🙂


 equals(Task, "Complete"),userProfileLookup(Current User,"PreferredName")


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4 replies

hey @JHjalmarsson ,


u can try this formula:


if(Task == "Complete", userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName"), "")


If the Task Dropdown is "Complete" then u will get the PreferredName from the current User... if it is something else then its empty. 🙂

Thats perfect.. i just can't get the commas and brackets right. So if i want the CurrentDate in there also, do I just tack it on before the close bracket

if(Task == "Complete", userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName"), "")

hey @JHjalmarsson ,


yes, u have to put it there:


if(Task == "Complete", userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName") + CurrentDate, "")


If u want to format the date u can use formatDate (german date example):


if(Task == "Complete", userProfileLookup(Current User, "PreferredName") + formatDate(CurrentDate, "dd.MM.yyyy"), "")


for US formats u can look here:

Thank you .. awesome.. thank you so much