Basic Doc Set shared column question

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When a document set has a shared column with content types that require check out, does the content type automatically get check out/in by a workflow when that doc set shared column is updated?

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Hi @Mtdennin 


I am not sure if I fully understand your question however this is how shared columns of document sets work.


Document set data is top down priority and meta-data is typically only set when a new document is uploaded into a document set, making changes after the item exists on the document set I don’t think replicate automatically unless you force it to do so but if you did the change wont apply until it is checked out and back in again.


Shared columns or site columns are just sharing the column settings and configuration, when added to each respective content type they are independent of each other, the only purpose they serve at this point is allowing data to propagate on creation as metadata.


Please let me know if this helps answer your question or if you could go into more detail on the requirement I would be happy to discuss. 



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Hi @Mtdennin 
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