Auto Populate Date Time control Nintex Forms On-Premises SharePoint 2016

  • 9 November 2021
  • 3 replies

I am designing a Nintex form for a SP list. I have created a calculated field and used lookup formula to fetch datetime value form the list, the value is coming but it is of string type and I am not be able to set it in a date time control in the form.  


I am using Nintex Forms in SharePoint 2016 on On-Premises solution.

3 replies

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Can you provide an example of what you currently see and what is the format that you would like to see?

Its not the issue of date format, the problem is that I am getting date from another list using Lookup formaulla in a calculated field control on the form but I want to connect this calculated value to the date field in "connected to". But connected to drop down is only showing single line of text fields instead of date fields in the drop down.

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It's not possible to connect calculated value control to a datetime field.
You can either use a workflow to save the value to a column or you could set datetime field on form and populate it with javascript based on the calculated control's value.