Approval URL in Send notification action

  • 26 April 2022
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Is it possible to use "Approval URL" from "Assign Flexi Task" or "Request data" actions in "Send notification" access?


When i cut the source code with  "Approval URL" from  "Request data" action, and paste it in "Send notification" action, then the link is not working. 
In "Send notification" action in Common section there is no "Approval URL" reference.


Is there a workaround for this?




Best answer by nicksha 3 May 2022, 18:01

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Hi @mradziak it is not possible to add the Approval URL reference to a Send Notification action since there is no assigned task to inherit this information from. You have notification/reminder options within task actions that offer this already. If you need to send the task URL out in a Send Notification action you will have to build this URL manually. You can capture the Task ID in a variable (as output from the task action) and append that ID to the URL for your task list. For example:




Please note that this Task ID variable is only available after the task action is completed, so this Send Notification action would actually lead to the completed task, rather than a pending one.