XPath query is invalid. Expression must evaluate to a node-set.

  • 25 November 2016
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I'm having an Infopath form which is having sections numbered from 0 to 14. They are being filled based on some rules. I'd like to use a "Query XML" action to get only those having values in nodes <ID{n}> (where {n} is the next number from 0 to 14). I'm then using the following XPath query:

//my:Approvals/*[starts-with(name(), 'my:Approve')][*[starts-with(name(), 'my:ID') and text() >= 0}‍]]‍‍‍

When I'm testing the query using the tester it returns me 3 nodes.

However when I execute my workflow processing the actions logs error message:

XPath query is invalid. Expression must evaluate to a node-set..

I have no idea how to debug what this action is returning or what am I doing wrong, when on the other hand XPath tester tells me everything should be correct...

I highly appreciate any help

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Best answer by TomaszPoszytek 27 November 2016, 22:46

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It seems that everything was correct. Well, the better query is:

//my:Approvals/*[starts-with(name(), 'my:Approve')][*[starts-with(name(), 'my:ID') and text()[number()>=‍0]]] 

So the one, that coverts node value into a number, but in the end the problem was, that the tested value was being passed as a variable and.. it turned out it was empty at the time of comparison.

So my bad, thanks for your time trying figuring out what is wrong

Regards, Tomasz