Workflow not undeclaring for checked out files


I have an 'undeclare' workflow (designed in SharePoint designer) that has only 1 action which is 'undeclare current item'

The way my workflow works is that it undeclares the current document (as a record) then copies it over to another folder.  All of this happens while the file is checked out to a service account. The undeclare workflow gets called from Nintex workflow.

I have this set up running in 4 sites. 3 sites are working and 1 of it is throwing off an error 'file is checked out is checked out for editing by SHAREPOINTsystem". This error shows up once the 'undeclare' workflow is called from within Nintex workflow

Could you please let me know what is that could be making the undeclare workflow not fire despite having the file checked-out? (which works in other 3 sites?)


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Hi Shanan,

this sounds like a permission issue to me. Maybe try to check if the permissions for the user your workflow is running are the same on all 4 sites.




We have the service account added to all user groups + it also have own group called 'Service Account' with full permission to site. These sites are copied from one source and 3 are working :/

Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. I'm talking about the account that is used to run your "undeclare" workflow. This does not have to be the same account that the item is checked out to.

The undeclare workflow (child wf) is being run by Service Account. I am running the main workflow. We both have same permissions

Allright then the permissions should not be the issue. Next thing I would try is to eliminate the SPDesigner workflow.

1. SP-Designer is quite buggy in general and if you ask me you should try to avoid using it at all.

2. You have Nintex so why using SP-Designer Workflows

3. Workflows with less than 5 actions do not count for your license/subscription!

I have never used SP-Designer and Nintex Workflows together. But I would not wonder if this is causing issues although both are using the same workflow engine.


We actually tried but there is no venue to declare/undeclare an item as a record in Nintex 365.

What we are doing calling a Designer 2013 workflow which in turn calls a Designer 2010 undeclare workflow

Shanan A schrieb:


What we are doing calling a Designer 2013 workflow which in turn calls a Designer 2010 undeclare workflow

So you start a Nintex O365 WF that starts a Designer 2013 WF that starts a Designer 2010 WF? This really gives me pain I am amazed that this is actually working.

Nintex App deployed correctly on all sites? Workflow can use app permissions feature active on all sites?

Im running out of ideas here

Yes to all. Workflow has elevated permissions as well

I would recommend you either contact nintex support or (in case of unurgency) wait if someone else has some idea.