Workflow in task list not start automatically

  • 29 August 2017
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I have a workflow in my task list, and one workflow in principal list, when in the principal list I create a new item, the workflow here start automatically and create a task in the task list, but the workflow in the task list dont start automatically, and this workflow is configured with star when created new item, modified item and manual start.


I dont know why???



3 replies

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Hello Federico,

I have exactly the same issue.

I saw that if you modify the task manually and if the workflow is set to start when the item is modified, the workflow starts well.

So I thought about something, which is not really great but I think it will work.

When you create the task with your principal workflow, you put it in a parallel action, in the other branch you wait for the task to be created, and you do what your taskList workflow is supposed to do.

I think it will work, but the fact to wait for the task to be created doesn't feel good.


Pierre Nouet

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Ok, thanks, but in parallel action of task, what action i will put???


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For this O365 does not natively allow one workflow to update an item which will then trigger another workflow to start. To get around this, Nintex has a set of O365 specific actions which can be used to create an item and this will start another workflow as it bypasses the API limit for O365 workflow events.