Workflow completed but no output

  • 28 December 2017
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I have created a list workflow. The workflow starts whenever an item is created or any changes are made to it, and logs are added to workflow history. However, when I create a new item, the workflow status shows no error and it is completed, but I don't get any output from the workflow. Also there is no logs added to the workflow history. 

Has anybody experienced this? What could be the problem? Thank you!

4 replies

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Could you share your workflow?


The workflow will only run if a choice is picked. 

The first parallel block contains set workflow variable actions.

I am trying to test the workflow, for the first two tests it runs smoothly with a correct output but if I try for the third time, the workflow just completes but it doesn't show any output/logs. 

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Try logging the information before your first action ( RunIf ) to see the content to be evaluated on the workflow start.

Thanks Fernando! Putting logs before the run if action helped.