Workflow action to create M365 groups

Is there an action to create M365 groups?  I have tried using the Create Site Collection action, but I am unable to get it to work.  I did have success using the same action in Nintex Cloud, but it doesn't not create a SP Online site with connected M365 group like I hoped it would.


Does anyone know the best way to achieve creating M365 groups, along with all the connected pieces?

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Here is the screen shot of all Office 365 related actions, and don't see anything to create a Office 365 group.  Nintex for Office 365 provides actions to add or remove user from security groups

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This post might be what you're looking for:


Solved: Create SharePoint Groups With Workflow - Nintex Community


Thanks for that suggestion @bamaeric.  Do you know if that is referring to Sharepoint security groups or Microsoft 365 groups (formally Office 365 groups)?  It's pretty confusing in the M365 universe because many terms are used that sound similar.

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Sharepoint groups are different from Office 365 Security groups.  

That's what I thought.  I am looking at how to create M365 groups via workflow.  I was hoping that the action to create Sharepoint Online site collections action using the Team template would do it.  But it doesn't create a M365 connected site collection.