Workflow 365 Task List Content Type Broken

  • 12 May 2022
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Rookie mistake. In the default Nintex Task List I wanted to hide some of the task fields. I did this and reordered the fields.  Unfortunately, while in the content type settings page, I did not read the "This content type is for use by Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and it should not be altered." in time. 


Now when the approver goes to open the task, they no longer see the nice "approved" or "rejected" buttons down by the "save" and "cancel" buttons. How can I restore the content types back to default?


Best answer by SimonMuntz 25 May 2022, 00:30

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5 replies

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Can anyone help please? 

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@SimonMuntz Could you perhaps assist here? 

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To further update, I did unhide the fields and put them back in the same order, but the content type still seems messed up. After more research, it appears as though I may have to disable the Nintex Forms and Workflow features, and then re-enable them, but then I would lose any existing stuff in Production, right? Do I just need to export that stuff and then reimport once I turn on the features again?
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Hi @GoIllini,


The easiest way to resolve this issue is to delete the Nintex content type that you altered on the task list.

Once that is done you then re-publish your workflow and new Nintex content types will be created.


Thank you @MillaZ for bringing this post to my attention.

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Thank you, that fixed it! For anyone else in the future who finds this post useful, I did have to delete all the existing task list items before I was allowed to delete the content types. Republishing the workflow automatically created the Nintex content types as mentioned.