Why does my simple Workflow (email alert) lag at times?

  • 29 January 2020
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I have a very simple workflow: when a record is created and meets a few conditions, an email fires off to an inbox.


90% of the time, the email fires within 5mins.  The other 10% of the time, it takes any where from 10mins to an hour for the email to send. The info being input into the records is time sensitive, so customer is not a fan of the lag time.


Anyone else having this issue?  Any way to correct?



3 replies

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You have posted this message in the Nintex on-premise section.
Are you susing Nintex on-premise or O365.
The reason I ask is because the explanation will be different depending on the platform.

For on-premise delays can occur if the workflow has a pause in it. When the environement is running fine and the worklfow rehydrates in the workflow timer service from a pause it will only take about 5 minutes. If the Environment is under load the timer service could be to busy and that is why it takes longer than normal.
Other onpremise delays can be from exchange. If exchange is busy or has chosen this email to scan or something like that.

For O365 it depends if you are using Nintex's external email service or not. It really should not make a difference but it could.
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Thanks for the reply!


Never know where to post questions.  I am using Sharepoint Online.


Very simple Workflow with no pauses (I've attached). 


I do have the external emails option selected, but only for the reason of displaying a particular Sender name.  So the alert isn't actually sending to an external email.


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Even if you do not send to an external user the email travels via Nintex's external email service. If the service is busy this could delay delivery.