Variables in Workflow not writing to SharePoint List

  • 14 March 2019
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I have a multi-step approval Workflow using state machines where at each step the approver can approve or decline and provide comments.  Comments are tracked in a variable in the task form that then populate a list (and subsequent task emails).  The comments and approval/decline dates from each approver are writing to the list except for the 4th and final approver the the BU Finance Leader. Comments for both approve and decline make it to a notification email sent by Nintex, but the comments nor the date for declines make it to the SharePoint List where as the approval comments and approval dates do make it to the Sharepoint list.  The 4th approver appears to be set up the same as the others, but maybe I'm missing something!


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I'm not 100% sure why it would work for some but not others. May I suggest that you disable the others and just test the setup and configuration for that one task assignment. You may have to hardcode a name to get it to route correctly. 


But do that, then trace back your variables from one action to the next. Everything seems to be setup, so if you aren't seeing the data come through, something is not assigned back to the final list/action as it should. 

Thanks Eharris04.  Ended up just doing a complete rebuild for the pieces that weren't working since it ended up taking less time to do that than walk back through the setup.