#Value! Error Affecting Users Randomly

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We have a workflow that is supposed to assign an approver and send a task email based on a value in a dropdown. The emails are pulled from a lookup list. The workflow has worked as expected nearly 100% of the time, but a handful of submissions from different users have failed to pull the email from the lookup list, either leaving it blank or throwing the error #value!. This suspends the workflow, but when I restart it, the value pulls correctly and the workflow resumes. What reasons could account for this error that happens so sporadically, and how can we prevent it? We use O365 SharePoint.

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You said it gets suspended when a user initiates the workflow, but it works fine when you runt the workflow, so it looks the other users has issues accessing the lookup list for approver emails list, please check if other users can access that list. 


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Thanks for the reply! One user created 5 submissions in row, and only two of them were suspended. The other 3 submissions were completed all the way through. The other user also currently has permission to access the list and has submitted other items successfully since the error.