Using the Web Request action in an O365 Workflow

Hi, I've got some text that I've gathered in a Workflow and I'm trying to create a .csv file with it using a "Web Request". I've watched THE Vadim Tabakman video but his example is for on premise and I just can't work out how to do it with O365 - I don't even know what to use for the content type.


Has anyone seen an example of how to set up the web request action in O365? I've not done this before so apologies if the answers are really obvious.

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I'm trying to accomplish the exact same thing. Like @alice_oneill, I've used @vadim_tabakman's on-premise solution. My workflow runs without error, but it's not creating and storing the CSV file. 

So you have the csv data in a test variable, but the web request isn't generating the file in the library?


I'll tinker around. I haven't done that in 365. 👍

I believe that is the case. I've tried using the dynamic value of Current Site URL and manually entering the URL, but neither works. I'm not sure I have the content type right. I'm using an out of the box document library in SharePoint, so I was assuming I would use "Document" content type, but again - not working. 

I just discovered a 403 FORBIDDEN error in response to this action. I'm not sure how to configure it to get it to work. I'm an owner of the site it's running on, which is the same site where I'm asking it to PUT the CSV file.

That would be great - thank you 🙂